Benefits of “Bluetooth LE Privacy” feature?

For making an (until now, un-) educated guess about the necessity of spending the effort of including the “Bluetooth LE Privacy” feature in a consumer, embedded device’s BT software, I am seeking information about the “necessity” from an information security standpoint of offering this feature – is it useful? does it really solve a security issue or is it already broken?

The BT SIG itself is fairly quiet about this feature besides well-worded blog posts, so shedding a little light on this would help tremendously in making the decision to “go the extra mile” or just leave it aside.

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Author: Christian

hardware not working while on battery

iam a complete beginner to linux my first distro is ubuntu i have installed ubuntu on my laptop asus vivobook 15 x512da my problem is when iam using laptop on battery laptop’s bluetooth, camera usb ports(for usb keyboard and mouse but for pendrives it works) does not works but when i use laptop while charging all these things work and to make that work on charging i have to reboot the laptop then only it starts and when i turn off the charging it works till laptop screen is on when laptop turn down laptop lid it again stops to work

and one more thing can you also suggest me how to learn linux so that i can use it for my laptop in day to day life

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Author: nitin mokashi

Starting word drops when speech audio is played over bluetooth speaker (Ubuntu 18.04)

I am trying to play speech audio (audio files having text-to-speech output) over bluetooth speakers over the default settings in Ubuntu 18.04. The problem is the starting word gets cut off when the audio starts or if there’s silence in the audio file. No such problem when the audio is played over wired headphones or laptop speaker. I haven’t found any question similar to mine on this forum, but questions like this and this seem the closest and according to a comment on those threads:

Sounds like an issue with A2DP, which is one of the Bluetooth protocols. A2DP has a trigger delay, which can cut off the beginning of words if there is a pause between words. Since music is typically continuous sound, you won’t have the same issue.

For now, I have added a little noise to my audio files and find there is no cutting off of starting words over the bluetooth speaker. However I would love to have a better solution if it exists.

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Author: supernova