Get Around Disable Adblocker Pop-ups

I have adblocker plugins enabled on my mobile browsers. Which is great because a lot of websites have excessive ads and autoplaying media content that are so unnecessary. There are a number of sites that warn readers to disable adblockers, I have noticed however. Some have the option to continue without disabling adblockers. Many also don’t provide that option.

Is there a way I am able to get around disabling adblockers for such sites but still continue to view the content?


I’ve noticed that these pop-ups sometimes have different behaviors depending on the mobile browser being used. If one browser doesn’t have that option to continue to the site without disabling the adblocker, I try to open that same page on another browser. A few times I would get that option to not disable when shifting to another browser.

Another alternative which I more often do when I can’t be bothered opening the web page I want to read in another browser is to turn on reader mode. Most major browsers have that feature. Usually it’s a sqare-ish icon that looks like a document with horizontal lines, located at the address bar. If you can’t find it easily, try going to the browser’s options, then enable it. By simply tapping on this reader mode icon the disable adblocker warning will go away, and so do the ads. I can then proceed to read the page peacefully, less the clutter too. After all, I am only interested in the content, never the ads.

But if you frequent a website and like its content, consider supporting it by including the site’s URL as an exception to your adblocker settings. These ads support the site’s creators to continue providing people with content for free. If they have a subscription-based, ad-free offer, and it’s cheap-ish, why not spend a few pennies if you really enjoy their content? Some also offer non-recurring subscriptions through donations.