Cannot locate file

I’m following an SDL C++ tutorial and they advised me to copy that file ( into my project file to remove any errors occurring if the code was on a different computer. I have installed both libsdl2-2.0 and libsdl2-dev onto my machine, but cannot find their files in /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu (like in the tutorial). Is it maybe stored in a different location now, or what?

Note: I can run code including the SDL header with no problem, so it does exist on my computer, somewhere…

I did try


but with no luck

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Author: Netsu

How can I hide a flag from `strings` command

I want to create RE CTF, that the user needs to discover which string he need to write in order to execute a function that will print the flag, but, with a simple strings command in shell, we can discover the flag in the printf function. So, how can we make this not to happen?

#include <stdio.h>

void print_flag() {
    printf("secret_string discovered. flag: {eAsy_p3asy}");

int main()
    int c;
    c = getchar();
    while (c != 'secret_string') {
        c = getchar();
    return 0;

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Author: ArlichBachman