Is there a way to add an event from the top panel calendar without opening up the calendar app?

I just want a little “+” button on the top bar calendar so I can add events without having to go into the full calendar.

I think it would be very quick and useful for most people instead of a read-only solution in the top panel.

Does a solution exist for this? How do I go about implementing such a solution if it does not?

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Author: plants

What booking/appointments plugin can I use that supports multiple employees that are located in different timezones?

What booking/appointments plugin can I use that supports multiple employees that are located in different timezones?

I have a site I’m working on in WordPress for a multi-instructor live course/online lessons system.
I have been searching for booking calendar/appointment plugins and have not come across a single one that supports multiple staff/employees in different timezones. They all have the feature for customers to view the calendar in their own timezone, but don’t have the ability for a staff member to create a schedule for the week in their timezone.

For instance, let’s say Jerry lives in India. He wants to make his schedule for the week in Indian time since he lives in India. He adds availability Monday-Friday from 4pm (Indian time) – 8pm (Indian Time).

A student from the United States sees his profile and wants to book his class. The calendar on the customer end is displayed in Los Angeles, USA time and the student chooses an appointment that is available that Jerry set in Indian time. Does that make sense?

I haven’t found a single plugin that does this, and it’s extremely frustrating. My current timezone is Bangkok, and I want the site to stay in Bangkok timezone while each individual employee is able to set their own individual timezone depending on where they live.
I don’t want to have to build a timezone chart for each timezone possibility and have the employees adhere to Bangkok time and make mistakes on their availability and schedule due to bad math.

Can anyone help me? Where can I find a good plugin for this? Have I missed or overlooked something? Should I just use some 3rd party site for team scheduling and make the employee add the link to that site on their profile page? I’m kind of frustrated and lost at this point, and it’s very surprising to me that this feature isn’t included in the top, enterprise-level booking calendar plugins.

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Author: Connor Smith