Does Snowflake Data Sharing add any real security?

Snowflake is a cloud database like Google BigQuery or Amazon Redshift. Unlike them, however, it markets a “Secure Data Sharing” feature.

They go to some effort (including a full “Data Sharing for Dummies” book) to position this as something unique. In terms of clearly defining who has access to what in a user-friendly way, maybe they are correct.

But does this add any extra security above simply sharing a BigQuery dataset or creating a read-only Redshift user?

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Author: Seamus Abshere

Best archtitecture and methods for high performance computing that needs to scale

I have to make a decision regarding architecture and methods for the rewrite of a proof of concept application I wrote 10 years ago in c++….

It’s about high performance position calculation based on multi-trilateration.
Hunderts, thousands of IoT Sensors are sending it’s JSON based distance information to a host by using MQTT. From there the information needs to be processed.

My goal is to rewrite it, so it will get more real-time, scalable and run the position-solver-application in the cloud or on-premises with utilizing the cpu as efficient as possible by using all of the cores / threads.

If you start from scratch which architecture, language and methods would you use?

GoLang ? C++ with threads? Rust? Python?
Architecture ?
GPU support?

some metrics:
up to 10.000 sensors are sending distance 200 JSON messages per second to the MQTT Broker

(In my proof of concept there were just 20 sensors and 5 messages per second)

Any recommendation?

Will be a open-source project by the way.

Best regards,

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Author: Ersan