There any free, lightweight app to merge PDF files as one?

As the name of the title in this post says it all. Okay, maybe not all it says because I want it on Linux desktop.

Looking for a tool that can combine different PDF into one big PDF file. I don’t need to modify the content of the PDFs. All important is merging them together as a group.

Sorting it probably comes as second important feature. But I can get on without that as long as it stays in sequence however I added each PDF file.

Lastly simple. No over the top effects. Prefer GUI app. Open to command line.


For that purpose, I have personally used PDF-Shuffler, It is a GUI desktop application on Linux. I used it back then on Ubuntu, but it should be available in all other major distros. Google for it. I know it is included in the official package management repositories of Ubuntu.

PDF-Shuffler can collate, sort (through drag and drop) and rotate the PDF files individually. As an added bonus, it can crop PDFs too.

It is a straightforward app. Stable for all those times I’ve used. But my usage is fairly moderate only.

I also suggest using pdftk for command line if you fancy that kind of stuff. You can combine PDFs into one as simple as:

:~$ pdftk file-1.pdf file-2.df file-3.pdf output my-merged.pdf

This tool can do other stuff. You can read its manual for more information. Google about pdftk too for more examples.

How to stop truncate command safely

I am trying to empty my syslog.1 file which was flooded with some messages and has the size of 77 GB. I did

sudo truncate -s 0 /var/log/syslog.1

but the command is taking more than 2 hours to return. Is it safe to stop it by Ctrl-C or by the kill command? I am afraid that these methods may cause inconsistency in the file system. Is there a better way?

The system is Ubuntu 16.04. The root partition where /var/log/syslog.1 sits is almost full due to the sudden increase in size of this file as well as /var/log/syslog and /var/log/kern.log. The latter files are still continuing to grow, but the command line is still responsive.

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Author: norio

How to Bulk / Batch Rename in Terminal?

I Have Question, How to bulk / batch rename in terminal ? i use ubuntu 16.04 64 bit


i have 5 file

(GreatSoftware) AVG Anvitirus - 1.exe
(GreatSoftware) Windows Media Payer - 2.exe
(GreatSoftware) Winamp - 3.exe
(GreatSoftware) CorelDraw - 4.exe
(GreatSoftware) Chrome - 5.exe

rename to

Joesoftware AVG Anvitirus - 1.exe
Joesoftware Windows Media Payer - 2.exe
Joesoftware Winamp - 3.exe
Joesoftware CorelDraw - 4.exe
Joesoftware Chrome - 5.exe

please help, I want a script that I understand enough of this problem

thank you

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Author: Joe Cola

Copy and paste a folder

I am trying to make a copy of an OpenFoam tutorial folder to my desktop through Ubuntu since I don’t want to mess up the original files. I use the command line:
cp -r $FOAM_TUTORIAL /mnt/c/Users/username/Desktop

but this error pops up
cp: missing destination file operand after ‘/c/Users/username/Desktop’

Can I get any help with this?

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Author: user421564

Change Font color and size when booting into CLI ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Change Font color and size when booting into CLI ubuntu 20.04 LTS

I was wondering if there was a way to increase font size and change font colour when booting into CLI.
The font is small and white on black, I want it to change the font colour.
If anyone can help, that would be great.
I am ready to provide any system details if needed.

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Author: Ammar