Custom post type specific item design

I have a custom post type (benefits). Which as post name (bronze, silver, gold, diamond). All are listed in the same page template page-benefits.php. I want to display all on the same page but want to specific design for Diamond.
how I can achieve this while remaining in the same loop and same page template.

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Author: Sajjad Hussain

How to get rewrited name of cusom taxonomy?

I have registered custom post taxonomy with rewrited name:

register_taxonomy('behold_gallery-albums-subject', 'behold_gallery',array(
    'hierarchical'              => true,
    'labels'                    => $labels,
    'show_ui'                   => true,
    'show_admin_column'         => true,
    'rewrite'                   => array( 'slug' => 'kategorie-galerii', 'with_front' => true ),
    'update_count_callback'     => '_update_post_term_count',
    'query_var'                 => true,

so name of my custom taxonomy is ‘behold_gallery-albums-subject’ but is rewrited to ‘kategorie-galerii’.

If I want to get name of this taxonomy, I can use this

$postsTaxonomy = get_sub_field('archive__post-choose-taxonomy'); // ACF
$postsTerm = get_term_by( 'slug', get_query_var( 'term' ), get_query_var( 'taxonomy' ) ); 
$postsTerm_id = $postsTerm->term_id;
$PostsTaxName = get_taxonomy($postsTaxonomy)->labels->name;

but how can I get this rewrited name, not the ‘original’?


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Author: Damian P.

images click popup form and submit images captions in email to admin?

Create Custom Post gallery..archive page display images.
customer can click Enquiry Now button.. this button popup form submit all detalies name,email,phone no,msg to send email to admin

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Author: Ashvin Monpara

Remove Header and style.css from Specific Post template

I want to add some custom code so I’ve created a custom post file with the following content.

 * Template Name: Custom App
 * Template Post Type: post, page, product

 <?php get_header(); ?>
 App Code here...

I want to remove the header element <header id="header" class="main-header"> and style.css from the custom post using function.php file.

I want to keep <?php get_header(); ?> because of yoast SEO and some analytics scripts.

I don’t want to hide the main-header using CSS display:none property

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Author: Kumar