Filter Gmail messages quick

Getting lots of marketing emails in my inbox. Some might be worth taking a look at. But it is oh so cluttered.

How do I find emails from same sender in Gmail quickly?


Gmail’s search functionality is quite good. Lots of things you can do with it, almost like how you can on Google search.

For emails, search for a particular message via the email address by using this:


Replace the correct email address within the parentheses. If you want to look for more than one address at a time, separate email address with an OR (case sensitive). It will now look like this,

from:( OR

If you don’t want to type the above, you do this instead. Open the message. Find the three vertical dots in the menu bar directly above the message. Click on it then select “Filter messages like these”. This will have the effect of that search phrase above less the typing.

Better yet, you can create a filter for these messages automatically if you take that step further. Apply a label to such messages for easier identification. Do something else about it if you will, such as delete, archive, etc.

As mentioned, when you open a message in Gmail, in the sub menu just above it, find the three vertical dots. This usually is located at the rightmost. Click on it then select “Filter messages like these”. Fill out the form as you like. The email address at the From line is the minimum. Proceed to create filter. Complete the form in the next page. It’s quite straightforward. I suggest you check at the “Also apply filter to matching conversations” at the bottom of the options. This will have the effect of filtering and applying what you want with the previous messages too.

And for some decluttering bonus, since I believe a lot of people get tons of emails without even reading them.

Now what if you have so many unread messages in your Inbox? You’d want to go through that and read/delete them, right? Well, it’s easy to search for unread emails on Gmail. Use this in the search box

is:unread in:inbox

Remove the in:inbox part to search for everything that is unread, not just in the Inbox. You can also replace that for another location on your Gmail.

You can combine this too with Gmail Labels. This is helpful if you tag incoming emails with Labels. This way you can set specific unread emails to search for and delete.

is:unread label:SOME_LABEL

If you don’t have those Labels, you can always create a filter and label emails from particular senders.