Drag’n’drop files Desktop File manager with 20.04 LTS doesn’t work ; it worked on 18.04 LTS

With Ubuntu 18.04, I can drag and drop files from Desktop to File manager and vice versa.

On my other Ubuntu 20.04 install, this is no more possible.

Has this fetaure been voluntarily removed or is it an accidental regression?

How to enable it again?

Many people seem to have noticed the same problem, see for example the 100+ voted comment about this on the video Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: What’s New?: “Love Ubuntu, but I’m still disappointed a basic feature like drag & dropping files to/from desktop into the file manager is missing.”.

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Author: Basj

Ubunutu 20.04 Gnome shell crashing on enabling Extensons from Gnome Tweak Tool

I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04
Everything is working fine except the Extensions

I tried enabling them using Gnome Tweaks Tool

Tweak tools -> Extensions Sidebar -> Top right corner
Gnome Tweaks Tools

But as soon as I toggle that, the shell crashes and I see this screen.
Shell Crashes

I am forced to logout and then login again. And then extensions are disabled again.

I tried enabing them even through dconf editior but the same thing happens. The shell crashes immidiately.

I tried looking for solutions but it seems like the issue is experienced by extremely few people. I could only find one question for it on Reddit(no solutions on it yet).

Does anyone know what the issue is about and if there is a fix for it? I am not able to use extensions and this is really bothering me. I am ready to provide any further details necessary to fix this issue

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Author: Abhishek Jain