FedEx Tracking in Google Sheets

I work for a company that sends packages out daily. We track the numbers in a Google sheet that populates via a Google form we use.

Recently we have had some packages go missing and I have been tasked with setting something up that allows us to watch the packages and make sure they are not getting lost in an effort to be proactive.

My thoughts were to do some sort of status updates with the tracking number, currently using lovelyAPI’s package tracker add on, but I would like something custom if possible.

enter image description here

Column x, y, z, aa, and ab are all populating through the package tracker and I have a formula to hyperlink the FedEx site and insert the value in F.

Is there a script that can do the same thing for me using the FedEx API?

I would also like to go a step further and have some sort of conditional formatting that would highlight the row in a certain color if the date I have in column A is older than 2 days and column Y does not return “delivered” or something like that. Can anyone help me out with this?

Trying to automate the whole thing but I am not but a mere peeon with little to no knowledge of coding.

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Author: Noah Armstrong

How to authorize google “find my device” to turn ON the GPS + Data remotely?

I would like to use Google “find my device”, but it only works with the location and a connection to the internet.

Xiaomi’s “find my device”, can turn ON the location but only it’s connected to the internet (it’s not able to use the gsm network to do this).

Google “find my device” (from google) website on my PC isn’t even able to turn ON the location when the phone is connected to the internet

How can I authorize google to remotely turn ON the location + data?

(ps: I’m aware that some (paid/adv) apps can turn location/data using the gsm network with SMS)

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Author: JinSnow

How can I send monitoring notifications to Google Chat in Google Cloud Platform?

I want to send monitoring notifications to Google Chat in Google Cloud Platform. Under Monitoring > Alerting > Edit notificaton channels, Google Chat is not listed (only the competitor Slack, interesting…).

If I try to use a Webhook, the message never arrives in Google Chat. This is because the webhook request sent by Google has the wrong format – it does not include a “text” key in the JSON body (see here for the format of the request sent by Google).

Is it impossible to send monitoring notifications to Google Chat, even though the competitor Slack is available?

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Author: Vincent

Is there any way to limit editing in Google Docs?

I’m looking for any way to set the character limit in Google Docs (specifically MS Word-like text processor).
So, for example, I have a cell in the table and I want to only allow putting 2000 characters or less into the cell.
I wonder if there’s such functionality in Google Docs, maybe it’s possible with a script or some other way?
Thank you!

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Author: Alex

Is it safe to embed a google form on a website without an SSL Certificate?

I designed a Google Form for a website which does not have an SSL Certificate. I have planned to embed it onto a page using an iframe tag. I am currently testing it and have published a test page with the form, but when I fill out any of the fields Google Chrome says that the page is,

Not Secure

but it is in red unlike the normal grey.

The form is not asking for any information such as credit card numbers, but it is asking for name, email, and some other information.

Is this safe to embed the Google Form or does the site need an SSL Cerficicate?

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Author: Vtex

How do I link to a specific gmail search, google document etc on the correct google apps domain?

I want to provide links to specific GMail folders, GMail messages, Google Drive items etc on a company webpage.

Users may have multiple Google accounts and it is not guaranteed that their primary / default account is the company account.

You’d expect this to be trivial and well documented, but … not so much. Google multi-account support uses URLs with /u/2 (or similar) to differentiate users by login ordinal position in the current session. These links break if the user logs out of an account then back in and they cannot be shared correctly between users.

Google accounts have the seemingly undocumented feature of supporting /u? links which work but require a fully qualified user account. I could not find any documentation on it, nor any listing of supported paramters, and my guesses did not turn up any obvious “authdomain” type links that’d pick the currently logged in user matching the domain-part.

The redirect mechanism used by Google for subdomains does not appear to work for gmail links. You can’t take a link to and massage it into or variants I tried with /u? etc. You’ll get an error like

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR


This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.


So all in all, it’s ghastly. Not to mention that GMail searches to specific messages or threads are already painful; you have to “view source” because you can’t customise the headers shown, then hand-concoct a rfc822msgid:THE_MSGID_HERE msgid search.

Am I missing some simple sane way to just send a link that’ll take the recipient to a specific label, mailbox, message ID, search, etc?

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Author: Craig Ringer