FedEx Tracking in Google Sheets

I work for a company that sends packages out daily. We track the numbers in a Google sheet that populates via a Google form we use.

Recently we have had some packages go missing and I have been tasked with setting something up that allows us to watch the packages and make sure they are not getting lost in an effort to be proactive.

My thoughts were to do some sort of status updates with the tracking number, currently using lovelyAPI’s package tracker add on, but I would like something custom if possible.

enter image description here

Column x, y, z, aa, and ab are all populating through the package tracker and I have a formula to hyperlink the FedEx site and insert the value in F.

Is there a script that can do the same thing for me using the FedEx API?

I would also like to go a step further and have some sort of conditional formatting that would highlight the row in a certain color if the date I have in column A is older than 2 days and column Y does not return “delivered” or something like that. Can anyone help me out with this?

Trying to automate the whole thing but I am not but a mere peeon with little to no knowledge of coding.

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Author: Noah Armstrong

Is there a way to get multiple share links from Google Drive in order?

I have 100s of files on my Google Drive where the files are sorted by name. All I want is the share link of each file in the order they appear in Google Drive.

I tried selecting all these files inside the folder and then click Share but it doesn’t respect the order of the files as they are displayed.

How can I do this?

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Author: Joan Venge

How to show thumbnails of images stored on Google Drive on Google Sheets?

I have a Google spreadsheet that contains hyperlinks to files stored on my Google Drive using a HYPERLINK formula.

Opening the spreadsheet and hovering the cursor over the link, I can see a thumbnail preview and that’s pretty neat (if you feel lucky, try yourself on this example sheet)!

thumbnail preview

However, this doesn’t happen for my collaborators, and indeed if I open the same spreadsheet with another account with similar access rights (on the spreadsheet and on the image) I don’t see any thumbnail preview.

You can try the example I took the screenshot of here. Is this feature currently available on selected accounts only, or am I missing something?

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Author: Davide Fiocco

Google Drive-unshared file access

I recently created a folder (let’s call it “A”) not shared, added a subfolder “B” and shared with two people “editor” access, then added 3 folders and a file under “B”.

One user said they accessed Subfolder “B”, but then was able to access a file within my unshared folders. Is this possible? Also, anyway to get a change list of the files or folders in subfolder “B”?

Thank you

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Author: user248569