Copy from individual cell in Google Sheets Table Chart

I’m using appscript to build and insert a table chart into a sheet when a button has been pushed.

var chart = sheet.newChart()
.setPosition(2, 12, 35, -5)
.setOption('height', 445)
.setOption('page', 'enable')

The chart gets created and inserted properly though my users are unable to interact with the contents of this table directly, they can only scroll and change pages.

I have checked to see if there were any required options that need to be enabled when before building the chart, the appscript guide references me to this page when advising on options:

In the reference table and the overview above it states that “Users can select single rows either with the keyboard or the mouse. Users can sort rows by clicking on column headers. The header row remains fixed as the user scrolls. The table fires a number of events corresponding to user interaction”

The table that appears in my sheet is not like the one that appears in the reference and I am unable to copy text from the cells or select individual rows in the newly generated table. When attempting to interact with this table from google sheets it seemingly only allows us to resize and scroll up and down the table.

Are there ways to get around this or some attributes that I am missing to allow us to interact with individual entries from the table chart?

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Author: Stephen Catchpole

Google Sheets: aggregate and extrapolate irregular data over time

  1. I have a list in which I now-and-then (no fixed interval) enter the available budget.

  2. Most of all I want to extrapolate this to a future trend of the coming 10 years. (no rocket science, more of an average through line of the last 4-5 samples, as you would have in stock market charts or so)

Possible as an inbetween step I would like to aggregate this to one average number per quarter. As in most quarters there is no data available, it should mean interpolation. (or interpolation for all: so regarding Jan/April/Juli/Oct 1st. it’s always interpolated between the neirest neighbours, fine with me…)

I am familiar with regular spreadsheet aggregate function, but I have no idea, what to use on such irregulary entered data. I have seen some stuff on extrapolition, but most was an sequences, (not a „sampled function“ if you will).

Sample Sheet

enter image description here

Thank you for your help 🙂

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Author: Frank Nocke

Progress bar with Bar Chart in Google Sheets

I have a 2 tasks that I would like to keep track of my progress in google sheets with a percentage bar chart.

Google charts is not allowing me to separate the data into two series. They have the same color. I’d like to color them differently. How can I accomplish that? Further, I’d like for 100% to show up for the last tick mark. I added 1 for the max value, but that only increased the scale and did not place a tick mark.

How do I color the series differently (both data points are called ‘Bar 1’)?

How do I add ‘100%’ as a tick mark?

The data range is S1:U2. There is nothing in the S column.

Here’s a snapshot of my chart and the data in google sheets.
enter image description here

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Author: K. Shores