How to partition hard drive in Ubuntu 20.04

I’m literally brand-new to Linux and Ubuntu, so please forgive my ignorance and bear with me here. I purchased a Dell Inspiron 5593 recently and immediately installed Ubuntu 20.04 on it. Long story short, the keyboard is screwed up, and the place I bought it from won’t service Linux OS. Gotta be Windows/Mac OSX for some stupid reason.

So now I’m trying to partition the hard drive and reinstall Windows on the the partition. I’ve checked out GParted, but I haven’t been able to follow the documentation. For example, I don’t see any unallocated space on my disk, and I’m not willing to unmount my main disk without knowing what that will do to my computer.

Honestly at this point I’m ripping my hair out and would just appreciate some clear instructions on how to partition a hard drive in Ubuntu 20.04 because I’m clearly too technically illiterate to understand GParted’s documentation.

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Author: Yehuda

Extending an extended partition with following unallocated disk space

There seem to be many scenarios, I read quite a few, but I caould not find a match for my problem.

I have this gparted view on my system:
gparted screen

I had sda6 swap sit right behind sda5; I moved that sawp space to another disk. Then swapoff and deleted sda6; then extended sda5 to consume the free 8GB… all good so far.
These two (sda 5 and sda6) were in the same “extended” partition.

However, allocating the unallocated 256 GB does not work; as I cannot extended the sda3 partition.
My understanding is that the 0.25 version of gparted allows for online disk extending.
What options do I have?
Can this be done on a live system?

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Author: MaxG