How to set values.yaml of subchart in helmfile

I have created a helmfile to install helm chart of loki-stack and trying to pass values.yaml but I am not able to do so. The following is my helmfile

  - name: loki 

  - name: loki
    namespace: logs
    chart: loki/loki-stack
    - "./loki-stack/charts/loki/values.yaml"

The problem might have occurred because Loki is a sub chart of Loki-chart. I have changed the ingress in the above and it does not work. Is there any way so that I can pass the file for variables?

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Author: Err0rr

Confluent Kafka Helm Chart – how to choose a different Zookeeper version

According to provider documentation for Helm Release for example 5.5.0 there is a wide range of Zookeeper version that can be utilized, how can I choose that, I can’t find any info about it or example, it’s missing from the chart and it looks to be hardcoded in the docker as files.

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Author: anVzdGFub3RoZXJodW1hbg