HTML Injection to blind SSRF testing retrieves only DNS Query

I recently came across an application that was vulnerable to HTML injection on the invite function. When I insert <img src="image.jpg"> the image got rendered on the mail I received.

I decided to test for blind ssrf out of band detection, so I gave the payload as <img src=" burp collaborator payload"> and sent the invite. When I analyzed the Burp collaborator I received a DNS Query which was like this below.
enter image description here

I couldn’t get any HTTP request from the server.

Is this vulnerable or not? If not, is there any possible way to escalate or any bypassing methods to get the HTTP request?

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Author: None_None

Two apache servers on same machine with same port

I have a self hosted apache website with php and mysql on my Raspberry Pi. Now I need to make another one for my new domain but I have no other computer to run the server on. Is there a way for me to run the server on the same machine, with the same port? If not, how may I alter the port so there is no need for me to type I need it to be

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Author: James B. Reese