Weird textures on KDE Plasma 5.0

When I use the Task Switcher (the one that opens when you push your mouse to the top-left corner), it usually works. But sometimes, when I force it when its laggy, the whole desktop crashes. And the switcher doesn’t work anymore. The application menu bar is just black and white with no effects. No zoom on hover on the latte dock or any other desktop effects like minimizing. I had to reinstall Manjaro last time but I think you guys can help me out. Below are images.

You can see a weird texture under the latte dock

My friend said its a compositor crash. And happens cuz of weird widgets, is the candy icon theme affecting anything?

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Author: RushiSrinivas.K

How to configure Krusader’s extract context menu to use something other than ark?

I’ve found this context menu in krusader to be very unreliable over the years, it has hardly ever worked for me. Surely it’s possible to configure the context menu to use a custom command, like simply using the zip , ot tar CLI command. I don’t find this in the application settings.

The VFS plugins work great, how come this context menu has to use ARK?

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Author: barrymac


Being KDE, it is a very highly configurable desktop environment to the point that it can become overwhelming. It gives you practically a myriad options for customizations for just about everything. I know because I had been a KDE fan/user for several years.

But I think the issue here is on file associations. Krusader, being a KDE application should follow system-wide settings. I don’t see any reason why it should not. As such, it is in my opinion that the file manager by default will use whatever is associated to handle or open a certain file. I’d look for KDE’s file association settings in the Control Panel or some such. Then assign a different application for that file to your liking. That should do the trick.

As for more customizations like using your own script perhaps? It could be possible still under file associations to assign a different application. Don’t have a KDE desktop installed right now so I can’t check this out. Certainly can’t remember too, nor have gone to the extent of doing something like this to handle archives.