Android (mobile) Keyboard Shortcuts Google Sheets

In Google Sheets on a PC it is possible to use Ctrl+Shift+: to insert the current time into a (time formatted) cell in Google Sheets.

How can this be done when using a sheet on an android mobile phone keyboard?

IN edit:
I see that =now() will insert the current time (acknowledgements to @OlegS) but the cell has conditional formatting according to the time of day (in 3 bands – am, pm and evening). Entering the time using Ctrl+Shift+: applies the correct colour but =now() does not seem to respect the conditional format. The condition is:
(for example)

value is between 10:00:00 and 16:00:00

and the cell is given a different fill colour

Is this because the full result of =now() includes the date as well as the time in a complete string and is there a way within the function to limit the result just to the time element?

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Author: User24601

How to prioritize firefox shortcuts over xfce key shortcuts

I would like to use the Firefox shortcuts for e.g. swap between tabs. But when I use CTRL+SHIFT+Pageup, then xfce will change window size. Is there any way to change the priority of shortcuts, so that when I am in Firefox, it will preferably use the Firefox shortcut and not the xfce shortcut?

I am using Linux Mint 19.3, xfce4.14

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Author: Mara 01010011

In YouTube, how to filter comments – by popularity. Because it does not work anymore

YouTube forcefully stealing attention and time, by not letting anymore to filter comments by popularity. Instead button function now is popular comments mixed with not popular more then not I guess. How to bypass that?
P.s if possible leave credit for places you yourself learnt.

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Author: Timer Tak

Make specific key sticky

I have found that showed me that I can enable sticky keys via

xkbset sticky -twokey

This works as expected, but in my case I’d prefer to only make a specific key (Alt Gr) be sticky instead of all modifier keys. Can this be configured? And if so: Where?

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Author: Raven