Another way to type into Android Auto apart from default keyboard

Is there a different means to type in the search terms, song titles, or Map directions in my car’s Android Auto without having to use the on-screen keyboard?

The screen position and angle makes it so awkward for me to do so.


One can always use the Google Assistant via voice commands when interacting with Android Auto in your car, especially when actually driving, for safety reasons. I would say this option is recommended as it’s faster and hands-free, even when parked or at a stop light.

Yet, there are valid reasons to have to type in something into Android Auto via its on-screen keyboard other than voice.

Aside from the reason in the question above, the car’s touchscreen might be laggy. The keyboard layout could be not so friendly (such as screen size). Then there’s also that thing where one isn’t sure how to say a word or address, and Google just wouldn’t understand your accent, too (this happens for non-native English speakers).

The very simple alternative would be to use your phone’s keyboard. Yes, this can be done easily.

If one hasn’t noticed, there is an icon on Android Auto’s keyboard that is shaped like an upright rectangle with an arrow in it that should be pointing to the right. Tap that key, and the keyboard of the phone it is attached to will open up, where then you can type in comfortably what you need to write. Make sure the phone is unlocked. To make it easier, there’s also a setting on Android to allow it to be automatically unlocked when this instance happens.

Remember to always play it safe. Don’t do this when your vehicle is running. Stop and park somewhere if you have to, before taking your attention away from the road.

mouse and keyboard not working on Ubuntu 20.04

I’m sorry I’m new to Ubuntu so I’ll try be as descriptive as possible.
At the moment my mouse is working when plugged into a specific USB port on the back of my PC. However when I move it to another port it doesn’t work. If I plug my keyboard into this same USB port then the keyboard will work and the mouse won’t. I have my system on a dual boot at the moment and I know for a fact that both the mouse and keyboard do work, it’s only when I reach the login screen that I have issues with my keyboard/mouse. I have tried other solutions given on this site and elsewhere but they don’t seem to work.
Like I said I’m new to Ubuntu and Linux as a whole so I’m sorry if this is an obvious question.

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Author: Alexander Hunter