If malware can be attached to an image file, then why aren’t images a common attack vector?

For example, if someone uploads a malicious image on website like Instagram or Facebook, and then hundreds of people viewed this image, wouldn’t that be an easy way to infect the devices of hundreds or thousands of people? If so, why do people view tens or hundreds of images without being afraid of getting their device infected?

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Author: user241941

Steps to take to ensure Android security?

I am aware that I should keep android up to date and have an anti virus like MalwareBytes. I also use VPN for connections. What other steps should I take to secure my android phone?

In addition, how can I check which apps are transmitting data?

(I also scan apps using the Play Protect).

If this question has already been answered in detail, could you link to it please?

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Author: PerpetualLearner

New unknown users appearing on ubuntu, virus?

there are these two users periodically appearing in my ubuntu system (‘jicofo’,’jvb’) I have deleted them twice (in 19.10) but they reappeared again, so I thought I’d look into it and turns out they own a good amount of files, I am yet to check if there are any particularly interesting ones, in the meanwhile is that possible I got a malware somewhere in ubuntu 19.10? If so, would my upgrade to ubuntu 20.04 do something or nah?
What should my next course of action be? Backup and reinstall? If those users own those files, even if I delete all the ones they own I think I would backup them too wouldn’t I?
Thank you for taking the time to read this, hope someone can help me 🙂

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Author: Matteo Librizzi

How can your BIOS be infected or hacked and Can a BIOS virus be used to “steal data”?

I know that BIOS can get virus but it’s very rare, but it seems to me it’s pretty impossible or improbable for a virus to creep into your BIOS via normal computer use.
Let’s say I’m using windows 10, even if I go as far as downloading a malware on my windows 10, it would seem that the worst damage it can do it to my windows 10 itself, not the BIOS, is that accurate? (Or at least, it’s incredibly difficult).
If I don’t deliberately take a usb drive, and go into BIOS to m-flash it, how can I possibly infect a BIOS? So similarly, since your network would only work in the OS level, how can anyone possibly modify your BIOS by hacking your operating system?

And in the other direction, Supposed by some means my BIOS was infected with some virus, how can anyone possibly steal information on an operating system using the BIOS when the BIOS itself cannot be connected to the internet?

It seems to me the damage a BIOS can do is very local.

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Author: Ecotistician