Mobile Device Management solution for Linux & Mac [closed]

Our company is managing both Linux (Ubuntu & Fedora) and MacOsX machines.
For compliancy reasons, we need to have a software allowing us to remotely wipe, but also enforce encryption on hard disk, force password rotation and force antivirus usage & update.

We’re looking to update our current solution to manage all this issues, which we consider quite common for a SMB company.

We’ve already identified several solution, but they don’t match all the conditions.

These solutions are (not ordered)

  • JamfPro (but for Mac only)
  • PreyProject (but with no policy enforcement)
  • GSuite Enpoint Management (with no Linux support)
  • Soti MobileControl
  • Miradore suite
  • CoSoSys endpoint protector

Do you know any solution matching this need ?
Or is a good solution to manage this two pools (Mac and Linux) devices separetly ?

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Author: DGallet

How secure, are mobile SIM communications?

It’s very common to hear about encryption in web browsers and apps, but that’s all about the internet. But what about mobile communications that use a SIM card, like ordinary text messages and voice calls, that does not require internet access. How are they encrypted ? I’ve heard of protocols like 3GPP, and many others, but I dont think they are mandatory!
Every help and guidance will be appreciated!!!

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Author: Vivekanand V

Understanding TS 133 501 (5G) Step 2 of EAP-AKA’

I got a question dealing with the EAP-AKA’ used in 5G to authenticate clients coming from a 3GPP-Network.

I read the latest specification on ETSI. The problem which I have is based on Step 2 on Page 37/38, where it says (at least I understood it like that), that when the UDM/ARPF got the SUCI it shall continue as shown in RFC 5448 (a description of a EAP-AKA’), otherwise it shall follows the EAP-AKA’ shown in the specification (TS 133 501).

That’s what confuses me. Are there really two different implementations of the EAP-AKA’? I tried to layer those two, but ntl for me those two are different, due to the message flow.
Is that correct?

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Author: Sheena

Disabling Wp_is_mobile from backend?

I’m using a wordpress theme that makes use of wp_is_mobile function, but reacts badly on many occasion,
as it’s being called in many files, I was wondering if you are aware of a wordpress plugin that would maybe ‘disable’ that functionnality or pretend we’re never on mobile ?

Thank you!

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Author: user2850378