mouse and keyboard not working on Ubuntu 20.04

I’m sorry I’m new to Ubuntu so I’ll try be as descriptive as possible.
At the moment my mouse is working when plugged into a specific USB port on the back of my PC. However when I move it to another port it doesn’t work. If I plug my keyboard into this same USB port then the keyboard will work and the mouse won’t. I have my system on a dual boot at the moment and I know for a fact that both the mouse and keyboard do work, it’s only when I reach the login screen that I have issues with my keyboard/mouse. I have tried other solutions given on this site and elsewhere but they don’t seem to work.
Like I said I’m new to Ubuntu and Linux as a whole so I’m sorry if this is an obvious question.

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Author: Alexander Hunter

Mouse sensitivity much higher after enabling (and disabling) fractional scaling

Ubuntu 20.04.

After attempting to enable factional scaling, things got very weird with my mouse sensitivity. I had to force restart and the problem persists. I’ve tried many things with xset and xinput and none of it has helped. It has only become marginally usable after completely disabling acceleration using xset. xinput won’t let me set anything below -1 which seems to match what is set in the GUI.

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Author: quinn