Dual monitor browser scroll choppy

I have noticed that if I connect two monitors chromium scrolling becomes choppy. (Tried same setup with Firefox exactly same thing) With only single monitor scrolling is buttery smooth. I have tried Fedora with wayland and it’s the same thing so this is a show stopper for me. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

My Setup:

  • Monitor 1 – 24 inch 1080p AOC 24G2u 144hz
  • Monitor 2 – 24 inch 1080p LG IPS 60hz (can’t remember exact make)

Computer specs:

  • AMD ryzen 5 3600
  • 32gb vengence ram
  • AMD radeon rx 580
  • Tuf b450m-plus gaming motherboard

(Both monitors are connected using HDMI cables)

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Author: Vxsdfsdf Azcxzc

Can’t get 4K on both monitors

I have 18.04 installed on a Mac Mini from (I think) 2015. I just installed two identical 4K monitors, one through the built-in HDMI port, the other through the built-in Thunderbolt port via a MDP->DP cable.

Both monitors are detected and seem to work. The one with the DP connection displays in 4K. The one with the HDMI connection has a maximal resolution of 1920×1080.

I’m a relative newbie and am not really sure how to start troubleshooting this. I’m not even certain if the problem is linux configuration or an intrinsic limitation in the hardware. Help? Thanks…

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Author: grichard