If malware can be attached to an image file, then why aren’t images a common attack vector?

For example, if someone uploads a malicious image on website like Instagram or Facebook, and then hundreds of people viewed this image, wouldn’t that be an easy way to infect the devices of hundreds or thousands of people? If so, why do people view tens or hundreds of images without being afraid of getting their device infected?

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Author: user241941

Benefits of “Bluetooth LE Privacy” feature?

For making an (until now, un-) educated guess about the necessity of spending the effort of including the “Bluetooth LE Privacy” feature in a consumer, embedded device’s BT software, I am seeking information about the “necessity” from an information security standpoint of offering this feature – is it useful? does it really solve a security issue or is it already broken?

The BT SIG itself is fairly quiet about this feature besides well-worded blog posts, so shedding a little light on this would help tremendously in making the decision to “go the extra mile” or just leave it aside.

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Author: Christian

When does replying to a craigslist ad anonymize e-mail address?

I replied to an ad on craigslist. I used my Gmail account to send it to the anonymized craigslist e-mail. The receiver must have seen my real email address because he knew my name even though I didn’t include it in the message. I thought when sending an e-mail to an anonymized cragislist e-mail address,the sender’s e-mail gets anonymized too?

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Author: redbeans

Double win10 installs – both bitlocker protected and isolated

Double win10 installs – both bitlocker protected and isolated


  • AMD Ryzen processor, ASUS Crosshair Hero VI mb, no TPM installed
  • M.2 Samsung 960 PRO SSD
  • SATA Samsung 840 PRO SSD

I would like to have latest win10 2004 on both SSDs and isolated from one another for privacy reasons.

  • 1st SSD is for work and part of AzureAD
  • 2nd SSD should be private

M.2 is already installed, with bitlocker and working. Asking for PIN on boot (before OS menu).

When I tried to setup bitlocker on 2nd SSD bitlocker setup crashed and cannot boot to 2nd OS anymore.
TrueCrypt is also an alternative for 2nd SSD, but seems I will have same problems with bootloaders?

Any suggestions how to set this up?
If really necessary I will reinstall everything.

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Author: PeroR