Using Laptop to serve as monitor, keyboard and mouse to another PC

I have a laptop for my regular use which is compact and for regular day to day work.

I need a much powerful PC so I buy/ assemble one. But I dont want to buy peripherals like Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. I want to leverage my laptop for this.

I have the right software/drivers installed on my laptop.
On PC i connect usb cables as if I am connecting a USB monitor, Keyboard, Mouse.

The other end i connect to my Laptop’s USB port or any other port. May be there is a hub in between which mux the three usb cables to one.

I run the right application on my Laptop
Boot my new PC and this application on my laptop shows what a monitor would show i.e. the bootup sequence
When I type anything on the application on my laptop it is registered on the PC. Thus

I get the PC’s bios with my laptop and configure it.

I install the OS on the PC but interfacing with my this application on my laptop.
Once OS is installed i can control the GUI of my PC from my laptop. Or keep it running but when I need to control it i can use this application and USB cables.

This idea is like running a VM on my laptop which I do. Only thing is this VM application controls a hardware PC instead.

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Author: kaushik