Can passwords be compromised via compromised router?

If I am using an up to date device to access internet, can passwords I type on genuine https websites get compromised?

For instance, will the password that I type on be compromised, if my device is connected to compromised router while accessing it? since everything has to go theough router?

Really bugging me. Please please help.

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Author: B_S_M

Can a router be configured from outside the local network?

My router can be configured by going to when connected either by WiFi or by Ethernet cable.
Can the same configuration web interface be accessed from the external interface (the public IP of the router)?

Some background:
I have a “Technicolor TD5130” and I wanted to change the default password that the ISP preconfigures. But even after changing the password, the default weak password for some weird reason still works. So I’m wondering if someone can access the router configuration if they can’t initially connect to the router through Ethernet nor WiFi.

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Author: RationalFragile

Does a LAN to LAN with different subnet configuration is secure?

I plan to implement the following network configuration :

Internet [(cable A)]

Router A
(192.168.0.x)[(WAN:cable A)(LAN1:cable B)(LAN2:)(LAN3:)(LAN4:)]

Router B
(192.168.1.x)[(WAN:)(LAN1:cable B)(LAN2:)(LAN3:)(LAN4:)]

The first LAN port of router A is connected into the first LAN port of router B, but both routers are in a different subnet.

Usually, when I setup two routers together, I do a double NAT configuraton (LAN to WAN) or a LAN to LAN in the same subnet.

I know the following facts:
In a double NAT configuration such as this one,

Internet [(cable A)]

Router A
(192.168.0.x)[(WAN:cable A)(LAN1:cable B)(LAN2:)(LAN3:)(LAN4:)]

Router B
(192.168.1.x)[(WAN:cable B)(LAN1:)(LAN2:)(LAN3:)(LAN4:)]

Hosts from router B can communicate with hosts from router A.
Hosts from router A can’t communicate with hosts from router B.

In a LAN to LAN in the same subnet configuration, any hosts can communicate to any. It’s the same subnet.

In the network configuration I plan to implement, LAN to LAN but in a different subnet, I noticed that hosts from both network can’t be reached. Is this a secure way to isolate networks, at least better than double NAT ?

The connected router B gets an IP address in the router A subnet (192.168.0.x).

Also, I did not have to define any static routes to get internet access, I have difficulties to understand how this is possible since router A gateway does not ping.

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Author: pmbonneau

IPv6: delegate my RA-assigned prefix to my private network

I have a small private network behind a Linux based routing appliance (Ubuntu Server 18.04) that I’m attempting to migrate from IPv4-only to dual-stack.

My WAN interface has already been assigned an IPv6 global unicast address with a /64 prefix and subnet number zero, and I can successfully reach external IPv6 resources from the router (i.e., I can ping directly from the router).

My ISP does not appear to support prefix delegation via DHCPv6 – attempting to request a prefix using isc-dhcpd doesn’t work, but that should be okay, since I already have a prefix, right?

How do I delegate the prefix I already have to my LAN interface and configure radvd to make it available to my network? I could do this statically by hand, but this feels messy and high maintenance, since I’d need to reconfigure the network if my prefix ever changes.

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Author: Andrew Villeneuve