Multi-step, live updating search

I’m creating a website and want to set up a multi-step (live) filter for searching companies, industries etc and now I’m starting to explain…

I have 3 categories. First category has 5 criterias. When you choose one of them (it should be possible to choose ONLY one in the first stage) there are more criterias on the first sub-category and when you choose one criteria from the first sub-category (also should be possible to choose ONLY one) there comes the second sub-category where you can choose more criterias. It would be the best if you get the results LIVE. I’m searching for days and still can’t find anything. Hope it’s understandable and someone can help me. Thanks

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Author: mivanov

How do I search for usage of a generator?

Ideally, I’d like to end up with all domains using Discourse.

Most discourse instances have a meta tag with Discourse’s verion, beginning with <meta name="generator" content="Discourse.

I would get multiple results per domain, if I just searched with the tag in double quotes. How do I search for all domains, not pages for a meta tag?

I have no preference over what search engine to use or if the interface is programmatic or not.

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Author: u15p7fgy863eiq5

Does Google have an || (or)? Particularly for searching particular sites?

Say I wanted to search gelato. Doesn’t work, because it tries to && those results instead of ||ing them. Say I want to do this for a number of sites such that it makes sense not to not restrict but also large enough so that it would be tedious to do this for every site (perhaps four or more specific site searches). How do I get the || of results for gelato and gelato?

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Author: JohnnyApplesauce