Is it possible to add a Slack call to a Google Calendar event?

When I invite a co-worker to meet with me, I often want to meet via a Slack call. It is easy to add a link to the calendar invite for a Zoom call, a Hangouts call, or even a Jitsi call (we use Google Calendar and there are integrations for all three). I am wondering if there is some way to achieve the same convenient “hop on the call in one click” when using Slack.

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Author: lucas

How to delete an entire Slack conversation between two people

I’m a member of two work Slack channels.

An old Slack channel from a few years is now being re-used. When last in use there were a lot of difficulties between myself and another colleague, and to my embarrasment the conversation history from two years ago is still there. A lot of vitriolic things were said on both sides, and I’d now like to wipe the slate clean with this conversation.

So… any advice on how I can remove, hide or archive a Slack conversation history between myself and this other colleague? I guess this is not possible!

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Author: Stamp

No sound playback during call in Slack – Ubuntu 20.04

I’m on 20.04 and downloaded Slack using snap. I downloaded Spotify via snap as well as my speakers work. Not sure why Slack isn’t working. I tried every single sound source.

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Author: Dan

Is it possible there is another volume control setting for Slack application that was missed out? It is sometimes hidden deep in the Sound Settings under Applications.

I had a similar experience with Zoom for Linux. I could not hear a sound at all. The main system volume was all the way up. The app was connected to the device’s audio correctly. I reconnected a couple of times. Only to find out later on that there was yet another set of input/output controls for Zoom that was not so obvious. I only had to turn it up to hear sound during a call. By default it always seems to be at 0 when I join a call, which is weird.