Integrating HTTP / Webhooks with Message Queues

I’m working at a project which integrates several Applications mostly SaaS Applications. The SaaS solutions have all the possibilities to hook into the internal event system with webhooks. The webhooks give us the ability to send a message to a single system but we have to create multiple webhooks to send a single event so several systems.

My idea is to implement a message bus as a centralized middelware but the problem is that the SaaS solutions only provide an integration by http(s) and not with protocols like AMQP.

RabbitMQ for example provides the possibility to publish to a topic over http. To consume you can also use http but if the message is once consumed, the queue removes it or keeps it in the queue.

Has anybody a good solution to bridge the gap between http and aqmp? I thought about small consumer services which subscribe to a topic and then forwards the message to the RESTful API.

We try to avoid a huge enterprise service bus/iPaaS project currently. I know that this could be one of the best approaches but due to internal decisions and project time, costs and so on it’s not a possibility for the moment.

One of our requirements is to have a guaranteed delivery, so that no message will be lost.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Author: Gulliva

Implemented appstore/integrations in an SaaS application

What is the best way to implement a app store in a SaaS application? For example, say you have an ERP application and you want to allow external accounting systems to integrate into your application.

I was personally thinking about a combination of webhooks (to send the latest info to the external app) and allowed the app to make API calls to update existing data.

I’m not looking for any implementation, just looking for some ideas was I wasn’t able to find any usefull info

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Author: user2579449