Best archtitecture and methods for high performance computing that needs to scale

I have to make a decision regarding architecture and methods for the rewrite of a proof of concept application I wrote 10 years ago in c++….

It’s about high performance position calculation based on multi-trilateration.
Hunderts, thousands of IoT Sensors are sending it’s JSON based distance information to a host by using MQTT. From there the information needs to be processed.

My goal is to rewrite it, so it will get more real-time, scalable and run the position-solver-application in the cloud or on-premises with utilizing the cpu as efficient as possible by using all of the cores / threads.

If you start from scratch which architecture, language and methods would you use?

GoLang ? C++ with threads? Rust? Python?
Architecture ?
GPU support?

some metrics:
up to 10.000 sensors are sending distance 200 JSON messages per second to the MQTT Broker

(In my proof of concept there were just 20 sensors and 5 messages per second)

Any recommendation?

Will be a open-source project by the way.

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Author: Ersan

Flight Information Regions / GIS

I want to create a flight planning tool for flight simulation and I am searching GIS information for Flight Information Regions globally. Of course there is the offical ICAO dataset around 3000 USD worth, but is there any kind of free data version you would know off? I didn’t have luck yet.

Kind regards

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Author: konturgestalter