SQL Services are off but can access and query from other server on the same domain. Why?

Using configuration manager, I disabled the SQL Server Services for a SQL Server 2008 R2 instance. Yet, I can still connect to the instance from its replacement server, a SQL 2019 box, and query the data! Also, the jobs which I disabled are enabled and appear to have been running, i.e. last run time column. On the SQL Server 2019 environment, I am using SSMS 18.5.1.

What is going on??? Locally, I cannot connect. Is there something else that I need to disable? I’d like to understand why this is occurring.

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Author: LeSteelBox

Cannot connect to server with SSMS 18

I’m having an issue all of a sudden with SSMS 18. Today, the authentication method is grayed out and I cannot get it to connect to a server. I’ve rebooted, reinstalled 18.6, uninstalled and installed 18.5 and run it as an Administrator. I have no idea what the issue could be and cannot seem to locate any info on through Google searches.

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Author: jradich1234

SSDT debugger error in visual studio by database engine SQL-SERVER 2019

In new futures of Microsoft company remove debugger in SSMS database engine 15.0 and they are called improvement. (-_-)

I tried use debugger in visual studio 2019 by this answer :

How to add the Debug button to SSMS v18?

But i’ve below error when run debugging :

enter image description here

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Author: Amirhossein