Mate snipping tool faster to display than “mate-screenshot”/Eye-of-Mate

I am a SysAdmin of many decades. I routinely juggle dozens of windows on my Mate desktop when working a crisis. My workstation has 4 monitors, 4 Mate workspaces, and it is not nearly enough! So I use screen captures to help further organize the data.

However, “mate-screenshot –area” has no direct option for “display now”. You have to save to disk and open in “Eye of Mate”. WTF!

Way back, Windows 7 had “Snipping Tool”: one click, one drag, instant display! Of course, Microsoft totally screwed it up in Windows 10 – one of so many reasons my workstations are Ubuntu these days and any Microsoft OS I have to deal with is safely sequestered in a VM!

I am sure I can script/code something that will do all the keystrokes for me but I thought I would ask here first just to avoid possibly reinventing the obviously necessary:

Is there an existing snipping tool for the Mate Desktop that displays with one click and one drag?

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Author: Frobozz