mouse and keyboard not working on Ubuntu 20.04

I’m sorry I’m new to Ubuntu so I’ll try be as descriptive as possible.
At the moment my mouse is working when plugged into a specific USB port on the back of my PC. However when I move it to another port it doesn’t work. If I plug my keyboard into this same USB port then the keyboard will work and the mouse won’t. I have my system on a dual boot at the moment and I know for a fact that both the mouse and keyboard do work, it’s only when I reach the login screen that I have issues with my keyboard/mouse. I have tried other solutions given on this site and elsewhere but they don’t seem to work.
Like I said I’m new to Ubuntu and Linux as a whole so I’m sorry if this is an obvious question.

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Author: Alexander Hunter

SANE not detecting scanner by ID (pipe error) or path (invalid arg)

I have a Canon P-208II, which uses the canon_dr backend [0].

However, I noticed from lsusb that the product ID of mine (0x1660) differs from that in /etc/sane.d/canon_dr.conf and /usr/lib/udev/rules/49-sane.rules (0x165f), so I duplicated those lines, modifying the ID to match.

$ lsusb
Bus 001 Device 017: ID 1083:1660 Canon Electronics, Inc. CANON   P-208II

Despite that, neither sane-find-scanner nor scanimage -L detect the scanner, with verbose logging I can see it trying to access and getting permissions errors, or with root:

could not fetch string descriptor: Pipe error

in the same location.

I also tried sane-find-scanner /dev/usb/001/017, which says failed to open (Invalid argument) – I’m not sure what else to give as ‘devname’ [1]?

Is there somewhere else I need to change the product ID, or something to do to make the changes I have made take effect? Or is the pipe error a smoking gun?

[0] –

[1] –

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Author: OJFord

hardware not working while on battery

iam a complete beginner to linux my first distro is ubuntu i have installed ubuntu on my laptop asus vivobook 15 x512da my problem is when iam using laptop on battery laptop’s bluetooth, camera usb ports(for usb keyboard and mouse but for pendrives it works) does not works but when i use laptop while charging all these things work and to make that work on charging i have to reboot the laptop then only it starts and when i turn off the charging it works till laptop screen is on when laptop turn down laptop lid it again stops to work

and one more thing can you also suggest me how to learn linux so that i can use it for my laptop in day to day life

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Author: nitin mokashi

Can I view the format history of a usb key?

Is there a way to view when changes were made to a USB key, such as when the USB key was formatted and/or when some files were transferred?

I have seen this previous stackexchange question File system history on USB drives, but it wasnt clear if anywhere on the USB key a log will be available.

NB. I only have the USB key at hand.

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Author: user4926345

Using Laptop to serve as monitor, keyboard and mouse to another PC

I have a laptop for my regular use which is compact and for regular day to day work.

I need a much powerful PC so I buy/ assemble one. But I dont want to buy peripherals like Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. I want to leverage my laptop for this.

I have the right software/drivers installed on my laptop.
On PC i connect usb cables as if I am connecting a USB monitor, Keyboard, Mouse.

The other end i connect to my Laptop’s USB port or any other port. May be there is a hub in between which mux the three usb cables to one.

I run the right application on my Laptop
Boot my new PC and this application on my laptop shows what a monitor would show i.e. the bootup sequence
When I type anything on the application on my laptop it is registered on the PC. Thus

I get the PC’s bios with my laptop and configure it.

I install the OS on the PC but interfacing with my this application on my laptop.
Once OS is installed i can control the GUI of my PC from my laptop. Or keep it running but when I need to control it i can use this application and USB cables.

This idea is like running a VM on my laptop which I do. Only thing is this VM application controls a hardware PC instead.

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Author: kaushik

Install driver rtl8814au on ubuntu 20.04

Install driver rtl8814au on ubuntu 20.04

Based on this

Install driver rtl8814au on ubuntu 18.04

I installed manually (make && make install) the driver when I had the kernel

$ uname -r

Now, ubuntu 20.04 wants to install the new one:


I did it before (upgrade the system then, the kernel) and the driver stopped to work, even I installed thousand times, was impossible to up the driver which logical name is “wlx50c4ddcf488e”.

The installation I made:

$ sudo apt install build-essential
$ sudo apt install bc
$ sudo apt install linux-headers-`uname -r`
$ sudo apt install git

$ git clone

$ cd rtl8812au
$ make && sudo make install

Does anyone has idea about what can I do? Now, I cannot upgrade my system without losing the wireless connection.

Thank a lot.

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Author: Ibringpies