list the users name in specific OU+ the Groups

I need to write a Powershell Skript to list the users name in specific OU+ the Groups in which the user belongs to (but i need to list specific Group and not to see all Groups).

Ex : OU : A

Users under OU A

they are Member to the Groups X Y Z …

i have found this one :

Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties samaccountname,memberof,description -SearchBase “OU” |

foreach {

$sam = $.samaccountname
$description = $

foreach ($group in $_.memberof) {

New-Object PSObject -Property @{

  UserName = $_.samaccountname;
  Desc = $_.description
 Group = ($group -split ",")[0].Substring(3) 



} |select username,Desc,Group

But it will list all Groups to the user and i want to show all users and thier Groups (but not all Groups just y x)

I want to list all user name in OU A and the Groups (but i want to see just Group y x)
Can Some one help me please ?


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Author: Adam2020

How can I display Only the first Array/Object?

By using WordPress REST Api




What I want?

I just want to display [{“id”:13},
Means, I want to limit it to only 1 array Using REST API. Any one have solution on this?

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Author: Muhaza

New unknown users appearing on ubuntu, virus?

there are these two users periodically appearing in my ubuntu system (‘jicofo’,’jvb’) I have deleted them twice (in 19.10) but they reappeared again, so I thought I’d look into it and turns out they own a good amount of files, I am yet to check if there are any particularly interesting ones, in the meanwhile is that possible I got a malware somewhere in ubuntu 19.10? If so, would my upgrade to ubuntu 20.04 do something or nah?
What should my next course of action be? Backup and reinstall? If those users own those files, even if I delete all the ones they own I think I would backup them too wouldn’t I?
Thank you for taking the time to read this, hope someone can help me 🙂

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Author: Matteo Librizzi