Why no fullscreen after Vmware install?

The linux desktop live preview I tried is fullscreen when it boots up. This is via the Vmware Workstation Player tool. I am play around with it as like a normal desktop. After I clicked install and let if finish complete, the next boot only makes the desktop very small. It won’t stretch the full width, height of my screen. The small screen is centered and maximizing the window several times has no effects.


Make sure that the VMware Tools are updated/installed after the installation of the Linux desktop is completed. Go to the menu of the VMware Player window while the virtual desktop is active/running. Then find the Install VMware Tools menu entry or something with a similar text. Try to resize the window again. Go fullscreen (also from the same menu). Restart the virtual desktop if necessary.

If it still does not resize to adapt to the screen’s full width and height, try to restart the vmtoolsd service. Open a terminal. Then type the following command.

sudo systemctl restart vmtoolsd 

This might have to be done each time the screen doesn’t adjust to the screen size automatically.