How do I determine what methods are being implemented by another method?

I’m learning C# (VS 2019) after 20 years of coding ANSI-C. Let’s say some of the basics are still fuzzy.

In the book I’m using, the author introduced the override concept by overriding the virtual Object.ToString() method inside a user-generated class when implementing a call to Console.Writeline() when running the Main() program. That is, in the user class there is a public override string ToString() method which basically adds an overload to the .NET implementation. I get how all that works.

What I can’t find, is a way to determine that Console.Writeline() used the .ToString() method to do the work.

Is there a way to inspect .NET method code in some given class to find out if there are virtual methods being used I can exploit with an override in my own code? That is, how did the author know the .ToString() method was being used by ConsoleWriteline()?

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Author: scottrod

SSDT debugger error in visual studio by database engine SQL-SERVER 2019

In new futures of Microsoft company remove debugger in SSMS database engine 15.0 and they are called improvement. (-_-)

I tried use debugger in visual studio 2019 by this answer :

How to add the Debug button to SSMS v18?

But i’ve below error when run debugging :

enter image description here

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Author: Amirhossein

How to manage project dependency per Project Type

I am working on a small nuget package (MakeNot). In short, I added some Extention Methods for String,Bool and also ModelStateDictionary.
In order to have access to ModelStateDictionary I should have installed below package which has its own dependency.


and I set TargetFramework like below in order to let applications based on .Net Framework to use it:


My question is, when I want to use this package in Windows form application it downloads Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Abstractions and its dependency which is not required for this type of projects.
enter image description here

Is there a way to handle this ? or Have I done it right ?

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Author: osman Rahimi