How to follow IP changes in LAN to avoid remote connectivity issues

I’ve set up remote access to a computer and had to enter the authorized IPs which can connect remotely to the computer. These IPs change from time to time and I have no control over that, so every time they change I have to go update the authorized IPs list. Usually, a user will let me know that the connection failed.

Is there a way to somehow track this IP changes (happening on a company’s LAN) so I can proactively update my list instead of having to wait until the connection fails to go and see what the new IP is ?

If it’s not possible, how is this usually handled by IT security professionals ?

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Author: Trusky

OpenVPN Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter

I have a .conf file which contains below information but openvpn says something is missing.

cat ./vpnconf.conf

gateway [IP]
secret [SECRET]
username [USERNAME]
password [PASSWORD]
MTU 1380

sudo openvpn --config  ./vpnconf.conf 
Options error: Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in ./VPN_access_to_VF_lab_-_keep_confidential/copy-conf.vpn:4: gateway (2.4.4)
Use --help for more information.

What I am doing wrong?

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Author: AVarf