Implemented appstore/integrations in an SaaS application

What is the best way to implement a app store in a SaaS application? For example, say you have an ERP application and you want to allow external accounting systems to integrate into your application.

I was personally thinking about a combination of webhooks (to send the latest info to the external app) and allowed the app to make API calls to update existing data.

I’m not looking for any implementation, just looking for some ideas was I wasn’t able to find any usefull info

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Author: user2579449

Junior Developer Looking for Mentorship or Advice!

I am a Junior Developer in my first year of professional work experience, I have joined a very small start-up company where I am one of the few developers. We have two junior devs and an outsourced developer that helps with senior dev roles when needed. I am often tasked with jobs and tasks that are more likely to be given to an intermediate/senior developer and am having to learn a lot as I progress through development cycles and make mistakes.

I do not really have access to a senior developer to help mentor me properly and I feel as though I might be learning bad practices as I do not have someone that looks over my code. I generally work well and can get these tasks done but sometimes have to ask the outsourced developer for help, even in the tasks I complete although I think they are performing well I feel as though I am just getting by and not actually understanding half as much as I think I am.

I am wondering if there are any good sites where I can hire a mentor for about an hour a week where I can discuss with them the issues I faced that week and how I fixed them, etc. I wouldn’t need technical assistance, mostly just advice and assurance on the techniques I am using.


(I am a front end dev trying to expand into a full stack, I do almost all of the front end work of the website and am trying to learn more about the backend as I go.)

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Author: Tomas Brown

Architecture of Online Chess (2-player web-based board game)?

I’d like to try to create an application where 2 players can play chess online. The (possibly) novel feature would be that the process for joining a game would be similar to how Typeracer works. The first player creates a lobby then shares a link. The friend can then click the link to join the session immediately.

However, I’m a beginner when it comes to how information is shared over the internet. I’ve only created a few REST APIs and games in Java/Python so a lot of this would be new to me.

The first question I have is how/where would I actually implement the logic for this game? Would everything be done client-side (I’d probably use React so I’d then have a js library to hold all game rules) Or is everything done on the server?

Also, how would I keep the player’s game clients in sync? I’ve heard about websockets but any elaboration would be helpful.

Lastly, how could I go about implementing the feature where users can share their game link to get the other player to join?

For context, I have quite a bit of experience with React for UI, I’ve used NodeJS on the server, and I’m currently learning about how to create web APIs with ASP.NET web API (C#). I figure that I’ll be able to create the board UI in React and handle any animations with CSS. If that’s not a good idea let me know!

Overall I’m not really sure how I’ll tie this all together so a big picture view might help; and I’ve love to hear about any frameworks or tools that might make this job easier; thanks for the help in advance!

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Author: Brad Stevanus