How do I change the markup only of a built-in widget?

I’m developing a theme and I’d like to slightly alter some of the HTML output of some of the built-in widgets. As of now, I managed to change the sidebar search widget by creating a searchform.php file in my theme — though that might not only be the sidebar widget but alright.

I’m now onto the Archives widget. I literally just need to alter the bit that says “Archives” to change its tag and add a class. Do I really need to make my own (largely identical) class and register it and use my custom widget instead?

(If you can’t tell, I haven’t touched WP theming in around 10 years 🙂

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Author: Morpheu5

Need to delete the sidebar widget area and have the page a full page rather than just have a blank widget area

A recent post on how to remove the archives and meta from the sidebar answered a question I had and I was successful to have the left side of the page blank. The post was at Can not Remove Archives and Meta from Sidebar.

But, while it left the sidebar area void of text, I need the sidebar area to be deleted so it’s a full page. I have some pricing tables that I want to be the only thing on the page but due to the template in WorkScout, the pricing tables are on the right side of the page leaving a lot of white space on the left side where the widgets were. I have tried configuring the page to be “full page using Elementor” which has worked in the past for other needs, but, it is not creating the full page I need for this pricing table page.

Am I missing a step or is this not possible? How can I delete the old widget area and have it full page.

I am new to WordPress so I appreciate the help and will appreciate step by step instructions.
Thank you in advance!

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Author: JoN