iPhone 6 “Cannot Get Mail The mail server Imap.gmail.com is not responding. Please make sure you have added the correct account in mail settings”

Both my iPhone 6 & my Lenovo Yoga 80 with Windows 10 will not send or show new emails. Also Lenovo I cannot delete files, or copy/paste. The Lenovo was the only device taken to repair guy 8/27/2020, but I used my iPhone 6 for its hotspot & usb tethered it to the Lenovo to transfer photos (which didn’t work) Now I see he added me to a Domain, he added an email I do not own to my Lenovo admin, lowered all security, home screen has Microsoft Edge & Personal Edge on Lenovo. I had $800 missing from my bank in May. A common “friend” offered HIS WiFi password in February! How do I get my email back on iPhone & deal with this hack? I’ve read if I’m targeted I’m S.O.L. ? Will a VPN on router help? Must I buy all new devices to lose targeted hacks? Oh, I did a reset (all of my recovery dates were missing) yet TPM refuses to clear. I did change computer name. I am moving in 2 weeks & need email!!

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Author: tFlag

How do I recover Windows 10 with files recovered from a drive

I had a drive failure about 2 months ago on my custom built PC with Windows 10 (probably professional version). It was a Seagate drive and they sent the drive to recovery and sent back a USB slimdrive with all of the files recovered.

My question is: How do I now recover back to Windows 10?

I was hoping I could copy those files onto a new drive and boot up Windows, but that results in “No MBR Found”. I also tried booting from the USB slimdrive, but that results in a different message telling me to select a proper boot device.

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Author: Andrew

Can my school continuously track my computerS?

I have a school laptop (not really but bought from school)(called laptop in the following), if I use this LAPTOP to use Windows Media Creation Tool to make a USB drive for installing Windows 10 in another DESKTOP, can my school track or know what I do in the new DESKTOP? Thanks for everyone replying!!! Thx

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Author: OneWorld

what is an example of out of bounds read in order to leak sensitive information?

I Am trying to understand a little bit better behind the scenes on bypassing aslr by reading the bytes in the memory of a process, but how can I make an example of an info leak in WIN32? my code does the leaks of bytes , but how can I check the image base based on those bytes?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int main(int argc, char **argv) {
    char a[16];

    strncpy(a, "0123456789abcdef", sizeof(a));

    //... lots of code passes, functions are called...
    //... we finally come back to array a ...

    printf("%sn", a);

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Author: pepe