Implemented appstore/integrations in an SaaS application

What is the best way to implement a app store in a SaaS application? For example, say you have an ERP application and you want to allow external accounting systems to integrate into your application.

I was personally thinking about a combination of webhooks (to send the latest info to the external app) and allowed the app to make API calls to update existing data.

I’m not looking for any implementation, just looking for some ideas was I wasn’t able to find any usefull info

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Author: user2579449

What column type can store txid_current value?

AFAIK txid_current returns uint 64 value (source).
However, the biggest int column type is bigint which is signed (docs).
From what I understand, NUMERIC type is slow and should be used “for storing monetary amounts and other quantities where exactness is required” (docs).

Should I store the txid_current value as text?

I need to perform mainly greater than queries on this field:

select * from t where fxid > 438298432

What would be the most efficient (from search speed POV) for full-transaction-id (unsigned integer 64)?

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Author: Michael

How to get rid of MaxPermSize warning when trying to open Eclipse?

I’m brand-new to linux, using Mint. I installed Eclipse, but when I try to open it or do commands involving it I get an error. Earlier, this came up:

OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=256m; support was removed in 8.0.

I’ve been all over other forums because a lot of people have had this issue. Following their advice, I went into /etc and from there into the eclipse.ini file and commented out:



But it didn’t fix it. My problem is that I’m really new and most of the advice on other forums just goes right over my head–I want to learn about everything but if anyone is using fancy (for my standards haha) vocab then please explain briefly what the words mean so I can follow! Also, if there are any specific commands or anything that I should enter, I would greatly appreciate some explanation of how that command works so I’m learning and not just plugging random stuff into my terminal until it works. Thanks!!

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Author: lizard

Create Video Subscription Web Application

I’ve a customer that wants a web platform with a monthly(or other term) subscription plan to provide gym/fitness videos and a few articles.

I started by building a video platform from scratch with the following tech stack

  • PHP/Symfony
  • CloudFlare Video Hosting
  • Symfony EasyAdmin as backend

However, I don’t feel it is the best approach for this. I believe there are tons of platforms that can do this much better than I do.

I found a few, however, almost all of them have already implemented payment solutions. This is not bad, however, I’d like to integrate this platform with a Portuguese (yes I’m Portuguese) payment provider. This is an easy API integration that I can implement if the platform provides some kind of integration.

Do you know any platform, library, software that I can use to implement this? I’ve no preference on the stack at all, I just want something that works and I can customize to my customer needs, which are not many, just a Portuguese payment provider.

Thanks in advance!

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Author: Fabio Araujo

Traefik 2 – Passing port in the URL

So I’m pretty sure I just need someone to break things down for me in a way I can understand.

I’m running traefik 2, with docker and some rule tomls for other internal services.

I am using HASSIO as on of these rules tomls, I want to be able to reach http://URL:1880/endpoint/ui for the node red integration.

if i browse to the internal address it works but it’s not working externally using the url.

the toml is as follows:

      entryPoints = ["https"]
      rule = "Host(`REMOVED`)"
      service = "hassio-svc"
      middlewares = ["chain-no-auth"]
        certresolver = "dns-cloudflare"

        passHostHeader = false
          url = ""

my question is, can you have it so when you click a link in the site and it redirects to an address with a port in the URL that gets passed through?

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Author: Nigel Tatschner

Floating point rounding in MatLab

I’m trying to figure out what’s going with this floating point operations (in MatLab).

Here round is the rounding MatLab function.

If I do round(105.1+4.1+0.3) I obtain 109, because essentially 105.1+4.1+0.3 is not equal to 109.5 in machine precision.

But, if I use single precision arithmetic by doing round(single(105.1) + single(4.1)+single(0.3)) I obtain 110.

Why using single precision I have the right rounding, while in the other case not?

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Author: VoB

Catch signal when a command fails

I’m trying to build a shell that gives you suggestions if you have a typing error, but I’m having trouble to catch the error.

The user will type something and after parsing it, I will use the execvp() function. The problem I’m having is that if the command is wrong I need to catch that error. I was thinking to use a signal handler, but first I need to know what signal does the bash send when a process uses a command incorrectly.

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Author: alvarogv

How to add a new listener on a new port and restrict it to one instance only

I am running oracle 11.2.3 and we have a server with multiple instances running. All of them are registered to port 1521 with the default listener. Now we are required to make one instance available on a new port. I was wondering if there is a way to add a new listener to a new port and restrict it to register only one instance so that this listener can not make connections for other instances.

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Author: user211005

Add 3rd level to Categories lists

I have a 2 level list of categories displaying checkboxes for a filter.

$terms = get_categories( array(
  'orderby' => 'meta_value',
  'meta_key' => 'orden', 
 'parent'  => 0,
    'hide_empty' => 0,  
    'exclude' => 1,  
     ) );
echo '<ul>';
        foreach ($terms as $term) {
        $categories = get_categories('child_of='.intval($term->term_id));
        echo '<li class="desplegable"><label class="desp" for="termino_' . $term->slug . '">' . $term->name . '</label>';
            echo '<ul class="cat-submenu">';
        foreach ($categories as $category) {
        if ($category->parent==$term->term_id):
        echo '<li class="submenu-item"><input type="checkbox" id="termino_' . $category->slug . '" name="termino_' . $category->slug . '" /><label for="termino_' . $category->slug . '">' .$category->cat_name. '</label></li>';
    echo '</ul>';
    echo '</li>';
echo '</ul>';

Now I need to include a 3rd level but with no result. Any tips?
Thank you in advance

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Author: Juárez

20+ RPG career transition to ASP.NET core

For the past 20+ years I’ve made a comfortable living as an iSeries RPG developer.
I’m now pursuing a new skillset of ASP.NET core 3.1 (razor pages)…

Very early in the self learning process but hoping to confirm a few fuzzy concepts with proficient .Net devs out there…

1.) .NET is a framework, not a language
2.) using .NET core 3.1 (razor pages), I have appeared to have been exposed to C# as the main language along with HTML and bootstrap, in the tutorial I have been pursuing.

So essentially, my quest (to pursue a .Net framework), will require me to become proficient in C# programming language. I know other requirements will be essential (javascript and latest versions thereof), but will C# be the cornerstone of the code development?

Are these statements accurate. Am I confused so early on? Any elaboration or advice moving into .Net development area? The .net core 3.1 has been super easy to follow along with so far. I’m impressed with it. I’m doing a simple CRUD application but is not different at all than what I have been doing for the last 20 years, except with the .net framework. After I finish the CRUD that interfaces with an SQL server DB, I plan to clone the application and replace the SQL Server DB interface and utilize REST API’s instead that I have developed on the iSeries over the DB2 database.

Appreciate any helpful input.
Feel free to rip my statements to shreds… that is how I learn best… as long as met with accurate info.


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Author: jefferson vaughn

Run kafka-exporter against Confluent Kafka Cluster

Whenever I install the helm chart and point the kafkaServer to my k8s broker service the pod crashes due to failing to connect to the api, is this some confluent restriction and can it be workaround somehow? I need this as I want to monitor lag/offset and other things.

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Author: anVzdGFub3RoZXJodW1hbg

I suddenly am having PROBLEMS with the icon for “photos” under comments ON MY PAGE

I suddenly am having PROBLEMS with the icon for “photos” under comments ON MY Facebook personal PAGE – where in the past, it has worked. The “icon” for photos DOES NOT ENGAGE when I click on it…and in the past, there were no problems. I have been in and out of Facebook “jail” quit a bit these past few months for no good reasons (i.e.: typing too fast, sharing to multiple groups that I am a member of, viewpoint discrimination, etc.) HOW CAN I FIX THIS? Is Facebook somehow “disabling” the icon? The GIF, and “post an emoji” icons all work OK; it’s just the “photos” icon that doesn’t work when I click on it…and it doesn’t matter if I double-or-single-click the icon. I RE-ITERATE, HOW CAN I FIX THIS? btw…I spent 6 hours today going through “my account” and making sure all the settings I could find were turned “on”. HELP…

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Author: aaccentdesign1

how to prevent the implicit conversion of double value to integer

I am taking user input as integer and selecting the function to run depending on it. However, When I enter 12.3 as car_choice, it takes the 1 as input, runs the program for the first case. How can I prevent this? I am using C++.

int car_choice;
std::cout << "Please enter the vehicle types for calculationsn";

    std::cout << "Please enter your choice in number:n";
    std::cout << "1) VW Carn";
    std::cout << "2) Audi Carn";
    std::cout << "3) Toyota Carn";
    std::cout << "4) Do not want to enter any number and to stopn";
    std::cin >> car_choice;
} while (car_choice != 1 && car_choice != 2 &&
    car_choice != 3 && car_choice != 4);

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Author: Surendra